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    Sen Co ( Machinery ) Sdn. Bhd. is a reputable company with expertise knowledge in label printing machine, repairing of printing machine, technique in printing solution & skill in the maintaining of label printing machine.

    Our worldwide head office is strategically located at Taman Johor Jaya, Johor. We had branches in Indonesia ( Sen Indonesia), Philippine ( Sen Philippine ), Taiwan ( Sen Taiwan ) & Vietnam ( Sen Vietnam ).

    We have clients in 28 countries, which include New Zealand, Australia, India, Russia, Istanbul, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian country. We are one of the biggest machine suppliers in the world.


    Besides repairing machine, we supply full range of new and used printing machine. Find our all services we provide to our clients.

    We have adequate printing machine to support our world wide demands. Click to see our list of machinery.

    Beside our best quality and best customer services pledge, we strive to keep on doing it better and better. Find our more on our achievements and awards.