Digital Label Die-Cutter: Sen VD320III

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    Digital Label Die-Cutter: Sen VD320III
    Label die-cutting has experienced three kinds Of die-cutting technologies: traditional die-cutting, digital die-cutting and laser die-cutting. Traditional die-cutting technology is mature, fast and widely used, but the shortage of traditional die-cutting machine needs knife template, which is difficult to adapt to todays rapidly changing social development. With the innovation and application of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's quality of life requirements, personalized customization is increasing. In this demand, Vorey Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a unique flatbed multi-blade digital label die-cutting machine VD320 after many efforts in many years, whose technology was combined with the characteristics of other industries. We get double-blade, lifting feed single sheet die-cutting machine SC340 successfully launched to the market with efforts in 2017. Our footsteps have not stopped. In 2018, we researched and developed one digital laser label die-cutting machine. During the testing we got the affirmation from our customers.

    High Speed, Economical Digital Label Finisher!
    The traditional label finisher not only designs are complex and price is very expensive, but also functions are lack. Now, Vorey research and develop high-speed, easy to operate and multifunctional VD320 digital label die-cutter system.
    The high reliable and professional new model digital labe die-cutterare designedfor professional label printing company.
    VD320 digital label die-cutter system is collected laminating, die-cutting, slittingand rewinding on one, it is the best solution for label finishing system.
    High precisions feeding system 
    Utilize double mark tracking Sensors media feeding in You can choose internaledge and internal line tracking. 
    Cold laminating
    It has cold laminating function, your label will be bright and perfect 
    Digital die-cutting system
    VD320 Digital label die-cutter utilize Servo motor driving, use tungsten steel blade, the high-speed get to 2meter per second. Design many cutting heads with patents, the cutting thickness get to 1mm, fast, more reliable and efficiency. 
    Precision slitting system
    Utilize rotary slitting mode, can instan max. 15 blades, high speed with 60m per minute,instead of traditional slitting equipment cornpletely. 
    The waste removing system
    The precision machinery design can control the roller rotating uniformly, avoid removing waste discontinuously due to unstable pressure, keep finishing labels clean.
    Complete digital label finishing solutions
    Use VD320 digital label die-cutter, you don't need to make cutter rnold,don't delay the production due to mold preparation and shipment. To be important, it not only reduces the cost and time, but also raise your work emciency. Unique servo digital cutting technology can use 4 blades in the same time for die-cutting labels, compare with other single blade equipment, it reduce production time and cost.

    Cutting software
    • Software can only open PLT format file
    • It can choose the knife down point according to shapes
    • Trajectory optimization is for perfect cutting

    Max. madia roller diameter 450mm Slitting speed Max. 100m per minute
    Cutting media width 40-340mm Slitting width 10-310mm
    Max label width 310mm Slitting precision 0.1mm
    Min label length 10mm Machine size 160*100*136cm
    Max label length 400mm(segmentation get to 1200mm) Machine weight appx 520kg
    Cutting speed max 6m per minute (depend on label shape and size) Power 110-127VAC 50-60Hz, 1000Watts
    220-240VAC 50-60Hz, 1000Watts
    Cutting blades 2pcs (standard) max 4pcs Warranty 1 year(besides high consumable parts)
    Slitting blades 4pcs (standard) max 15pcs Options Cutting head
    Slitting unit
    Film back liner removal
    Sheet paper cutter
    Cutting tracking with tungsten steel rotary blades
    Die-cutting technology 0.1mm(duplicate)
    Cutting precision Singe mark or double mark