Digital Label Die-Cutter: Sen SC340

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    Digital Label Die-Cutter: Sen SC340

    A specialized solution for digital label finishing!
    • Fast and high precision with full-servo motor
    • Industrial design with big capacity feeder
    • Suction feeding system is stable and efficient
    • Double cutting heads can be adjusted distance automatically
    • SICK track sensor can be track single eye mark or double eye mark
    • Intelligent cutting with trajectory optimization
    Top suction feeding system design
    Utilize top suction feeding system to save time for putting media,and can put more than 1000 sheets media,feeding is more stable. 
    Double cutting heads running
    Double cutting heads design is running with twice efficiency,and distance between heads will be adjusted automatically.

    Have a SC340 digital sheet label die-cutter, you can make sample order or small order without trouble. To be important, the delivery time will be very short, and save your time and cost, improve your working efficiency. Unique double heads cutting with full-servo motor technology, it can run with high speed, therefore you can get a perfect job exceed your expectation.

    Max feeder capacity 1000pcs/200gm Die-cutting technolagy With tubgsten steel rotary blades
    Label width 100-360mm Cutting precision 0.1mm
    Max media size 350*570mm(up to 840mm) Cutting tracking Single eye mark or double eye mark
    Min media size 340*550mm Machime size (W*D*H) 71*85*117cm
    Min label size 10*10mm Power supply 110-127VAC 50-60 Hz, 1000Watts
    220-240VAC 50-60 Hz, 1000Watts
    Cutting speed 3000mm/sec
    Qty of heads 2 Warranty 1 year (besides high consumables parts)